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signal room

Signal Room, formally known as Number 96 and The Giant Killers, is an Aussie rock band. They're fronted by actor Anthony Simcoe, best known as the Ka D'Argo in the SciFi series Farscape. On drums is actor Wayne Pygram, who was also on Farscape as Scorpius. The rest of the band features Stephen Edwards on guitar and Gerry Kortegast on bass guitar.

Their first release, the self-title Number 96, was only available at certain conventions attended by Anthony and Wayne. It has since sold out and is currently unavailable.

Please note that this is a fansite. We are not official, nor are we able to contact any members of the band for you.


Upcoming Shows

Want to see Signal Room at the Farscape Convention in Burbank, CA?
If you would like to see Signal Room at this year's Creation Convention in Burbank, e-mail Creation (adam @ and let them know! As always, be polite - tell them that you're a fan of the band and would love to see them perform live at a Creation event.

Signal Room posted a special video message about their show in Burbank last year. Watch it now!



Candy's Apartment Show - October 3, 2003
These images were kindly donated by Jean (Emeraldcity on the forums). Please do not use these on any other sites. DO NOT hotlink. Photographs taken by Liz Ragland.


Music Downloads

The following clips are from Signal Room's latest album, Down.

The following clips are from Signal Room's The Day You Ran Away.

The following 30 second, low-quality clips are from the original Number 96 release.

You can view the lyrics here, typed up by Mike Cuntala.

Visit to listen to a streaming version of the full album.

You can also purchase the Signal Room album from PeachTree Services.



Related News

Wayne Pygram was recently in an episode of Lost. "S.O.S" (episode 2.19) aired April 12, 2006.

The latest Farscape: Starburst Edition volume, 3.3, is now available. It features the final seven episodes of season 3.



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Haven't purchased the new album from Signal Room yet? Check out the audio clips on the main page and then head on over to shop to buy it!
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